Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Dragon Time"

Another fun carving! This was a nice solid piece of wood that allowed me to easily create the details of this Dragon's face. His teeth were modeled after an alligator, his eyes from a snake and his skin from a lizard. The rest is pure imagination. Everything has been carved into a single piece of Oregon driftwood. I used oil paints to add color to his face and his eye.


whittlerose said...

Phenomenal! Your work is amazing!
I have just received the new Carving Magazine in which you were featured.
I am a wood spirit carver too and have been really inspired with your carvings. Can't wait to get out there with my found wood to start my inspiration. Would love to share some of my creations with you.
II am a 65 year old female carver in Kentucky. I have been carving for about 10 years. My love is creating with found wood.

Anonymous said...

Nancy,,,Your work is amazin!!! I am so impressed with your compositions and the dragon carving and painting is very sensitive to the subject and the material

Joyshine said...

Nancy! So many years down the road, and here you are, creating magic. We would love to see you one of these days, here in the metropolis of Kerby, OR. Why not stop by when you're passing through?
Joy and Harvey Shinerock
It's a Burl

steveorino said...

Most definitely the most talented sculptor I have seen. My only wish is that you woul put out an instructional DVD


ChuckT said...

I concur with everything said here - especially the instructional DVD comment! :-)

bduce said...

You are a newly found treasure and an inspiration. I would agree with others who commented that an instructional DVD would be wonderful. I am a spirit man carver beginner. I purchased a cypress knee and was staring at it lost in trying to see it's possibilities when I found your dragons. I am going to try my first dragon.